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Vehicles for most people are their second most expensive investment

Road salt/brines are more corrosive than ever, harming those valuable investments


With the emphasis on MPG, body panels and frames are thinner than ever


I would like to thank you for your interest in NH Oil Undercoating Inc. We are about establishing long term profitable relationships with individuals interested in doing business as a professional. Quality products and relationships is the cornerstone of what we are about. We don’t pressure people nor will we bore you with a bunch of salesmanship. We only want to work with people and businesses that understand that a quality product without a quality relationship really isn’t worth much.

My name is Joe DuPont and I am the owner and operator of NH Oil Undercoating- The Rust Stop’s Pros located in Deering & Concord, NH where we have been specializing exclusively in oil -based rust proofing and undercarriage rust prevention since 2010. Let me introduce you to our highly effective and affordable NH Oil Undercoating  products. NH Oil Undercoating comes in clear & black tint,  both are environmentally friendly, food safe petroleum based products. Developed for use in our shop. So not only do we sell the product, we use the product and all the equipment we sell. If you live in or drive in the rust belt, or an area where moisture is present and roads are treated with salt and brine, there is likely a great need for oil based rust proofing in your area. Undercoating may dovetail nicely with your current service along with attracting many more customers to your business.

We currently have new car dealers who are experiencing oil-based rustproofing growth that represents 25% of the gross revenue in their service department!


Where is the proof?

The Rust Stop Pros will be on track to undercoat over 3500 vehicles this year alone and we have just opened a 2nd and larger facility in Concord, NH as of January 2015. But if our growth does not convince you that oil undercoating is badly needed here in the States take a look at our Canadian neighbors who have literally thousands of businesses offering undercoating along with their other services from British Columbia all the way to Montreal (some undercoating as many as 250,000 vehicles per year). Oil undercoating has continued to expand and thrive in Canada and around the world for over 30 years. The dynamics are in place here in the United States. The price of a new vehicle has sky rocketed and with the emphasis being put on MPG, the metals are thinner than ever before, combine that with the fact that road salt and liquid brines are more corrosive than ever, maintaining corrosion makes perfect sense.

Comparing (NHOU Black or Clear) to a nonpetroleum based product

My undercoating business began back in 2010 with a nonpetroleum based product, 2 years and thousands of undercoatings later I had ample opportunity to observe how the nonpetroleum based undercoating we were using had performed. By our third year in business there were issues with some of our customers on the longevity of this product as well as with the odor and I must tell you the overspray was so bad that we would need our garage doors open when spraying which did not allow us to spray in cold weather. However, the lack of customer support and understanding to this specific application with this product had me the most frustrated . I began to research solutions to these problems working closely with corrosion engineers who have been providing undercoating products for the industry for over 30 years. About us
Together our team has developed NHOU , that combines moisture displacing abilities with lubricating benefits an extremely effective, long lasting and affordable alternative to the nonpetroleum based product. Three years and thousands of undercoatings later our NH Oil Undercoating Inc has had rave reviews from our customers and undercoaters alike.

I hope you will consider joining us in this fight against rust by making it just another maintenance item and saving consumers thousands in costly repair bills while making you money and attracting hundreds of new customers each year. We are competitively priced but what we offer you in  customer support and  experience money can’t buy !

Dealer benefits include:

1) Listing on our website which has a major online presence.

2) Access to our Facebook page which has 6000 followers.

3) Training, professional equipment and technical assistance.

4) Access to Group Box. A private discussion forum where dealers can communicate, share ideas, experiences and improve the application process.

5) Marketing package which includes, banners, rack cards, decals, and access to ongoing social media marketing training through webinars.

6) The benefit of our years of experience.

7) Cutting-edge technology. Product improvements, & new products.

8) A common sense approach in the location of dealers (territory) that will come with growth & brand marketing expectations.

9) Extend the service life of the vehicle.


In 2016 NH Oil Undercoating began the installation of a fully equipped testing lab to evaluate the corrosive properties of: Phosphated surfaces with an ASTM B-117 compliant salt fog chamber. 

ASTM B 117 Salt Fog and Salt Spray testing is an accelerated method for evaluating coating and materials performance under highly corrosive marine conditions. B117 is commonly used for metals, plastics, woods, and coated materials of all kinds.

“We simulate years of seaside exposure in a month or less with ASTM B117”

We say ‘years’ because the exact amount depends on the conditions of exposure and there is no agreed-upon correlation factor; the goal of the test is to provide a uniform environment where different coatings and materials can be compared against each other. 
Along with the benefit of observing and evaluating the tens of thousand of vehicles coming through the shops each year, this will help allow us to develop new products and combat the increasingly corrosive nature of new chemicals applied to the roads each year.

Territories Available!

The most important customer relationship we have is the one we share with our extended family of dealers.
We focus on building lasting business relationships that are mutually beneficial. A common sense approach in the location of dealers (territory) that will come with growth & brand marketing expectations.

Online workshops

Initial Pro Startup Package Details

 Equipment (55 gallon drum applicator system)
  • 15:1 Ratio pump system
  • 50′ heavy duty high pressure hose
  • Applicator gun kit
    • Stainless steel wand
    • Industrial high pressure filter
    • high pressure quick coupler assembly
Product & Accessories
  • 24 NHOU (Black or Clear) aerosol cans
  • 55 gallon drum of NHOU (Black or Clear)
  • 5 gallon bucket of NHOU (Black or Clear)
  • 1/2 Unit bit
  • 1,000 1/2″ black cap plugs
  • 2 foam oil applicators (for use on seams)
  • (2) Banner
  • Product Brochures
  • Care/Maintenance instruction cards

Annual License fee required – $0.00


If you are currently offering undercoating, you should be able to retain and use the same equipment. We have entry-level packages available upon request.

As a dealer, you will receive ongoing marketing and technical support, as well as access to Group Box.  Group Box is a closed forum for oil-based rustproofing professionals to cultivate relationships, share ideas, improve techniques, share information and enhance skills.


Training at our facility will be provided.  Vehicles are needed for training, so follow-up visits will be scheduled if necessary.  Travel and lodging (if required) are not included.  After the initial training session has been completed, you will be an approved service provider & applicator.  As a result, you will also receive discounted pricing on product and equipment.

The NH Oil Undercoating approved applicator / servicer is NOT a franchise, it is an added service to your existing business to provide a rust prevention maintenance program (NH Oil Undercoating ) for your existing customer base.

There is no annual licensing fee for the use of NH Oil Undercoating’s trademark name (NHOU), and there are no monthly operation fees.  Retail application prices are not dictated by NHOU Inc.

NH Oil Undercoating® Was featured on 2 episodes of Motorhead Garage. The mechanic hosts of the well-known show, John Gardner (Tech Garage Star) & Brian Lohns (voice of NHRA).

NH Oil Undercoating® Was featured on 2 episodes of Motorhead Garage. The mechanic hosts of the well-known show, John Gardner (Tech Garage Star) & Brian Lohns (voice of NHRA).

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