NH Oil Undercoating – How it works

In 2016 NH Oil Undercoating began the installation of a fully equipped testing lab to evaluate the corrosive properties of: Phosphated surfaces with an ASTM B-117 compliant salt fog chamber.
Along with the benefit of observing and evaluating the tens of thousand of vehicles coming through the shops each year, this will help allow us to develop new products and combat the increasingly corrosive nature of new chemicals applied to the roads each year.https://youtu.be/c-Kfb6-eD98

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NH Oil Undercoating is an oil-based rustproofing system. It is a corrosion resistant treatment process that displaces moisture and cuts off oxygen! It forms a protective barrier from the elements that promote corrosion. Natural corrosion inhibitors are added to fight rust on a chemical level.

Unlike the sealant types which will harden and crack (allowing moisture and the other elements in), NH Oil Undercoating will self heal and remain active penetrating seams and hard to reach areas that sealants can’t reach.. Forms a protective barrier against moisture, road salt and anything else mother nature can throw at it. NH Oil Undercoating it is truly one of the most forgiving, cost effective ways to treat and control corrosion..

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