About Us

NHOU Protective Coatings has grown from a part-time operation out of a family garage, to becoming a leading, globally recognized brand with the mission of protecting vehicles from corrosion. Whether it’s from road salt or humid environments, rust is a critical factor in vehicle trade-in value and safety. NHOU is the fastest, least expensive way to add safety and value to your vehicles.

Exclusive Formulations

Founder Joe Dupont works with a laboratory to engineer every NHOU product—ensuring it protects and lasts. Each formulation is then tested at the NHOU in-house lab in New Hampshire and on the thousands of cars treated there every year. Unlike other formulations, NHOU® Oil Undercoating creeps into all the little places where rust begins—ensuring every part of your vehicle’s undercarriage is protected.

Never Stop Improving

We’re always making our products better, constantly tweaking each formulation as the science progresses. As a family business, we’re 100% hands-on—working in the office, on marketing, applying undercoating to vehicles, training our dealers, and engineering new products to help people get more from the things they own.

Thank you for choosing NHOU Protective Coatings!

The Rust Stops here!