NH Oil Undercoating® application equipment comes with something no one else can offer: support from our experts who use it every day.

If you have an issue, we’re here to help—and we know this equipment better than anyone else. In fact, some of our application equipment was designed exclusively for NHOU® to work perfectly with our products. When you buy from NHOU®, our Parts Swap Program ensures virtually zero downtime.

If you need to exchange a part, we’ll send you the new one even before we receive yours (Verified purchases). When you buy from us, a lifetime of world-class service is included.

All equipment sold by us is also used by us. We have over 3000 vehicles each year come through our shop, so we are very familiar with the equipment as well as the ease-of-use and performance of our products.

If it’s worth owning it’s worth protecting!

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  • Universal Undercoating Air Gun Plastic Bottle

  • Hole Plugs

    (25) 1/2″ 0.5 inch Flush Mount Black Plastic Body and Sheet Metal Hole Plugs

  • Sale! NHOU Foam Gun

    Foam Gun

  • NH Oil Undercoating Spray can Extension Wand

  • Undercoating Gun NHB1.5

    NHB1 Undercoating Bottle with Cap

  • Lemmer RP-460-HD Rustproofing DLX Kit (L015-203)

  • Sale! Undercoating gun for cars and trucks

    Kit-Spray Gun

  • Sale! Undercoating Gun

    Undercoating Gun NH-7659

  • PRO-Tek GUN 7659-HD