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Hi my name is Paul Laflamme and I have been having my vehicles undercoated since I was 30 years old, using many types of undercoat. I am now 75 and had my vehicle undercoated last year with NH oil undercoat I am so impressed with it I am going to by a kit and start doing my own vehicle and family members. I would highly recommend this product to everyone I know who wants their vehicle undercoated.. Paul Laflamme. See more

How Oil-Based Rustproofing works

NH Oil Undercoating is a unique blend of highly refined Mineral Oil,  & Green Corrosion Inhibitors that guard against rust and corrosion on all metals. It eliminates moisture and oxygen while providing a barrier against salt, dirt, and other pollutants from the metal providing long-lasting protection for your vehicle.  Pleasant smell.

Fluid flim Woolwax

Penetrate & Lubricate


After NH Oil Undercoating® is applied, you can expect it to lift and remove dirt, moisture, other contaminants, and even some surface rust. It is designed to penetrate the good metal and form its protection there. It will continue to penetrate to the good metal, pushing out existing moisture and oxygen, thus eliminating oxidation-corrosion.

Stop Electrolysis


NH Oil Undercoating® stops electrolysis by disallowing the external circuit to be completed. NH Oil Undercoating is designed as a non-conductive material that also has a voltage drop of only 1/100th of a volt. After securing the connections, it can be used on electrical connections to prevent the “greening” of wires.


Active Molecular Protective Film


Once NH Oil Undercoating® has reached the good metal, it sets up a bond. This bond is at a molecular level and the film that is created is ultra-thin providing long-term protection. The inhibitors, meshed together in a chain link, are then used by the environment – contaminants, salts, etc… – before the metal is rusted.


Creeps and Self Healing


NH Oil Undercoating® is designed to creep deep into cracks, crevices, spot welds, seams, folds and provide protection there as these areas up prone to hold moisture and are unprotected. So even if the initial application cannot reach one of these areas, this creeping process makes sure the maximum protection is provided!

Oil Undercoating creeping

Can we improve the appearance if there’s existing rust?


Yes. NH oil undercoating® Back N Black not only protects but improves the appearance of any metal surface!

undercoating for a truck

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Unlike paint or conventional undercoating, which cover and encapsulate rust, our oil penetrates through rust to the base metal. Our oil is self-healing, designed to displace moisture and remove oxygen. Take either out of the equation, and oxidation cannot occur. Our Corrosion inhibitors will then fight rust on a chemical level.


Developed with the environment in mind. Dripless NH Oil Undercoating® presents no health or flammability hazards. Unregulated nonhazardous classification. Environmentally friendly undercoating



NH Oil Undercoating versus conventional rubberized undercoating cars & trucks


  • Firstly, NH Oil Undercoating® penetrates welded seams, crevices and provides excellent protection for these corrosion-prone areas. Sealants are not as effective in protecting these vital areas.
  • NH Oil Undercoating® does not require shiny clean metal surfaces for good adhesion and is effective on both used and new vehicles. While Rust Check will not reverse existing corrosion damage, it will drastically reduce its progression.
  • NH Oil Undercoating® is a unique none conductive electro-chemical compound that contains Self-Healing Properties.
  • NH Oil Undercoating®  dispels moisture trapped in seams and crevices; “Sealants” usually trap moisture in these corrosion-prone areas.
  • NH Oil Undercoating® “Unlike Sealants” is non-drying; it remains mobile and will never dry, crack or peel.

       *    NH Oil Undercoating®  lubricates as it protects against corrosion.

  • NH Oil Undercoating®  “Unlike Sealants” does not contain any offensive odors or potentially toxic petroleum solvents.
  • NH Oil Undercoating® will not damage painted surfaces and any overspray can be easily cleaned off.

       *    NH Oil Undercoating®  is completely reapplied each and every year to maintain a high on-going level of protection. “Sealants” usually are just inspected or touched-up.


Introduction to Road brine


The fact is, a new vehicle is subjected to thousands of spot welds and numerous bends and folds during production.

This process damages the pre-coated metal, allowing exposure to the corrosion process. Besides cosmetic damage, corrosion also weakens a vehicle’s structural integrity.

With the introduction to Road brine ( liquefied salt ) this extremely corrosive solution is now able to penetrate deep into your vehicle’s body cavities where rock salt could not. Many of these Road brine solutions contain magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, and additives to help them stick to surfaces. The problem is, they don’t discriminate.

For most people, a car wash is their maintenance program. Unfortunately, this can prove detrimental to combating corrosion.

Many car washes recycle water, likely not eliminating all of the corrosive solutions. Combine that with the fact that it’s pushing with high-pressure water into the undercarriage of your vehicle where it was never intended to be, it can be very counterproductive.

NH Oil Undercoating ® Will provide you superior protection. It remains soft, compensates for heat and will not dry or crack like traditional hard-coatings and will substantially reduce the corrosive effects your vehicle is subject to during winter conditions. Our rust inhibitors will continue to work all year long for the best rust prevention spray rustproofing on the market!


The best Rust Prevention Spray Rustproofing On The Market!

In our opinion, Oil-based rustproofing is the most forgiving way to treat auto corrosion. Here is how it works How to video

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