Best Rustproofing New Hampshire


For climate-related issues such as rustproofing, New Hampshire residents have a lot more in common with our Canadian neighbors than with most of the population of the United States. So we thought it would be a good idea to see which rustproofing method is preferred in Canada. According to an article on the CTV News website, the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) recommends the oil spray method of rustproofing a vehicle, also known as oil undercoating. CAA is the Canadian equivalent to our AAA, or American Automobile Association. “We would agree that an oil-based product should be applied every year for maximum protection,” the article quotes Paul Datskiw, who is CAA’s Technical Advisor.

New Hampshire auto rust

Snow and ice on the car


Other rustproofing methods the CAA checked out were electronic rust control devices and tar-based undercoatings. The article says that Canadian car dealers sometimes charge as much as 800 Canadian dollars each for these devices, while in auto parts stores, they cost a little more than an oil undercoating. They concluded that the electronic devices offered limited protection, and decided not to recommend them. The CAA was not satisfied with what it learned about tar-based coatings, either. Again the article quotes Datskiw: “The tar type spray applied to the underside of a vehicle does offer some protection and can also make a car’s ride quieter. However, over time water can get in behind the tar based product and corrosion can take place.” Oil undercoating is most recommended for vehicles in the eastern and central parts of Canada. The reason for this is because these are the regions where salt is used on the roads. In the other regions, the climate is either too cold for salt to melt the ice, or too warm for ice to be an issue on the roads. In other words, the CAA recommends oil undercoating for vehicles in the parts of Canada that share a climate with New Hampshire.


But why does the CAA recommend any kind of rustproofing effort at all? Because it saves money. Each year that a car stays on the road saves its owner an estimated 3,000 to 4,000 Canadian dollars. Vehicles that are treated with yearly oil undercoating stay on the road longer, look better, require fewer repairs, and have a higher value at resale. Here in New Hampshire, oil undercoating is available at The Rust Stop Pro at their locations in Concord and Deering and at your location with their mobile-to-you service.