Washing Your Car May Not be Enough To be effective, New Hampshire rustproofing technology has to stay up to date with the chemicals being spread on our roadways. And that means the old solution of washing our undercarriages frequently may not be enough anymore. Magnesium Chloride May Eat More than Just Metalnhoilundercoatingrust The reason for this is a chemical called magnesium chloride. It’s related to ordinary salt (sodium chloride) but reacts differently when it comes in contact with other substances. Magnesium chloride is added to many deicing mixtures because it increases the effectiveness of the mix, allowing maintenance crews to use less of it.


Theoretically, this can lower the costs of keeping the roads safe, in terms of both money and the damage is done to the environment. Unfortunately, the new deicing mixes don’t decrease the damage done to our cars. There’s evidence to suggest that magnesium chloride can destroy even rubber and plastic, including the insulation on your car’s electrical wiring. George Brodin, owner of Lead Foot Linda’s Ethics Automotive in Eagle-Vail, Colorado, has noticed an increase in electrical problems in his customers’ vehicles since the State of Colorado started spreading magnesium chloride on their roads. (Read the full article here.) And that’s in addition to the corrosive effect it has on metals. But that’s Colorado and we’re in New Hampshire. Do we still have to worry about magnesium chloride? Yes. On September 1, the State of New Hampshire extended its contract with its magnesium chloride supplier. To Keep Rust Away, Washing Your Vehicle’s Undercarriage May Not be Enough! Just washing it off may not be enough.


Modern deicing mixes often include bonding agents to keep the rain from washing it off the roads. And while that can be good for people, helping to save lives by reducing the ice where we drive, it isn’t good for cars at all. The same bonding agents that keep the mixture clinging to the road after a rain shower also keep the mixture clinging to our cars after we leave the car wash. The Rust Stop  is Paving the Way in Rustproofing Technology So if carwashes don’t work, what does?  When applied correctly by qualified personnel, NHOU® undercoating protects your car from magnesium chloride and other deicing chemicals by forming a barrier between the car and anything that may be on the roads. The Rust Stop leads the way in New Hampshire oil undercoating technology. To learn more about why NHOU® undercoating is the answer to today’s New Hampshire rustproofing challenges, call 1-855-OIL-RUST or 603-491-9012 and keep your vehicle’s undercarriage protected against rust.