Lemmer L011-084 5Gal Pressure Pot System


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Lemmer L011-084  5G

Rustproofing complete system with 5G pressure pot.
The pressure pot system comes with dual regs, gauges, manual agitator, 25ft hose, RP460 HD gun, and includes 45-degree hook flex wand and round nozzle.
 2 regulators: one for setting fluid pressure to a maximum of 50 psi, and the other for setting the air to the gun to 100 psi. ​For use with all standard coatings such as Undercoating, etc. A 5-gallon pail will fit inside the pot. The suction tube is in Stainless Steel and has a suction screen
​​5 G. Pressure Pot Specifications
Air requirement: 1/10 CFM
Maximum pressure: 50 psi
Air inlet: 1/4″ NPS-M
Air outlet: 1/4″NPS-M
Fluid outlet: 3/8″ NPS-M
Air regulator: dual w/gauges
5 Gallon pail fits inside: Yes