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2 NHOU® Mouse Out Cans

NHOU® Keep the Mouse-Out deterrent spray is infused with essential peppermint oil and predator scent undetectable by humans, to help deter rodents in four ways: scent, taste, touch, and predatory fear.

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2 NHOU® Keep the Mouse Out aerosol Cans

So how do you avoid expensive repairs?  Pest Control Prevention is key.


91% Effective Rating From Third-Party Testing


Treat your car with essential oils that emit rodent-repellent smells.


Here at NHOU®, we specialize in solving problems. Here is our strategy — completely different problems with the same solution. Rodent damage and Rust

Over the years, we’ve heard numerous stories from our customers that after having their vehicle coated with NH Oil Undercoating®, the rodent problem miraculously disappeared!
That’s right, just like eliminating annoying squeaks and malfunctioning spare tires that become functional, this is a byproduct of our oil-based rustproofing system.Mouse RV damage

We’ve taken this one step further by adding essential peppermint oils. NHOU® Keep the Mouse-Out deterrent spray smells nice to humans, but rodents steer clear. This two-pronged approach towards combating rodent damage to your RV, boat, or automobile will make a formidable defense and create an unpleasant and inhabitable environment.

Now, as a byproduct of combating rodents, you will have the added benefit of protecting the surface from corrosion for wiring harnesses or body cavities!

We offer safe, effective, non-toxic essential oils and natural pest control products that repel mice and other rodents. NHOU® Keep the  Mouse-Out

91% Effective Rating From Third-Party Testing

How to keep mice out of cars

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Each (2 Cans), 1 Case (12 Cans)