Rodent Defense Vehicle Protection

How to keep Mouse-Out of cars!

Here at NHOU®, we specialize in solving problems. Here is our strategy — completely different problems with the same solution. Rodent damage and Rust

NHOU® oil-based undercoating Will not only protect you against corrosion but will help keep the mice out.

Mice have very sensitive touch, they dislike stepping on oily surfaces created by our product. They also have very sensitive smell, are essential peppermint oil gives them every reason to walk away.

Their sense of fair is also addressed in this product. Not detectable by the human nose, we have a synthetic predatory sent to fool the rodent into thinking predators are nearby.

Most automobile manufacturers in their attempt to go green have begun using soy-based wiring. This has just added to the problem by giving mice a tasty treat and a dark warm place to live.

NHOU® If it’s worth owning it’s worth protecting!

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    NHOU® Keep the Mouse Out

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    NHOU® Keep the Mouse-Out