Best Products for Undercoating your Vehicle




Did you know that rust is a serious problem that affects nearly 70 percent of vehicle drivers in the US? Moreover, nearly 22 million drivers in the US dealt with rust damage in the last five years due to de-icing chemicals like rust brine and rock salt. According to the AAA survey, US drivers paid approximately $15.4 billion in repair due to rust damage. All these statistics show how crucial rustproofing is.


Thus, whether you are a car owner or drive a pickup truck, to keep your vehicle up and running for years, it is necessary that get it rustproofed. Remember that rust is not irreparable, but it is most undoubtedly costly and can put the lives of passengers and yours at risk as rust can often interfere with brake lines and systems.


To prevent rust from damaging your vehicle, here are some of the best products you can find for undercoating:


NH Oil Undercoating®—Provides Extra Layer of Protection


NH Clear


The NH Oil Undercoating® is one of the hot-selling and leading undercoating products in the market. It features a potent blend of highly-refined food-grade mineral oil and green corrosion inhibitors. The formulation is exclusively designed to guard your vehicle against corrosion and rust on all metal parts of the car from inside and out.


Furthermore, it also pushes out moisture and oxygen while providing an extra layer of protection to the car against rust, salt, dirt, debris, and other pollutants. Other features that make NH Oil Undercoating the best choice is that it is self-healing, creeps deep in the body cavities to prevent rust, and is eco-friendly. It is ideal for a new vehicle where you are only looking for longevity and protection from rust.


Black N Black


Back N Black

The NH Oil Undercoating® Black N Black does the same, but the only difference is that it provides tint to the vehicle along with an excellent level of protection from rust and corrosion. This product is a good choice for those who want to rustproof their vehicle while ensuring that it looks as good as new. The tint will give you the shine you need to bring your vehicle’s factory black and new look. Likewise, it is also ideal for trucks and pickup trucks where sometimes the undercarriages are visible.


NHOU® Boss Wax


NHOU® Boss Wax is a water-based, semi-self-healing, and long-term rust protection formula designed for new rust-free vehicles. You can use it in conjunction with NH Oil Undercoating. Apply Boss Wax first on all exposed areas of the vehicle and then use NH Oil Undercoating for the best protection level. For more information or to order, contact us today.