Tips to Guard Your Vehicle against Rust


Aerial view of a road in winter landscape


Attention new vehicle owners! If you’ve just bought your new ride, then make sure to guard it against rust. Rust is a nightmare for car owners because it can eat away the car silently before they even know it, costing them a great deal of money in repairs and fixes. Therefore, it’s advisable to guard your vehicle against rust before the damage is done.


Here are the best tips to help you keep rust and corrosion at bay:


Avoid Taking out Your Car in Winters


Vehicle driving during winter


Roads in winter are covered with rock salt and brine. When mixed with water or brine, rock salt can wreak havoc on the undercarriage of your vehicle. It works its way into the spot welds and the inner body eating the clear coat and forming rust. Therefore, avoid taking out your new vehicle in the winter season unless necessary.



Watch out for the Spring Puddles



melting spring snow



Avoid puddles because they have dirty salt water mixed with grime. If you drive your vehicle on them and the water splashes on the undercarriage of your vehicle, it will lead to rust formation.


Remove Salt / Brine then Dry  the Vehicle


Road salt and brines are the most significant contributing factors to corrosion and rust damage on your vehicle’s undercarriage. When left untreated the rust will spread, causing extensive structural damage and costly repairs. Use a product designed to remove the sticky additives found in Road brine. Moisture can creep in if the interior of the car is wet, which will further spread to the exterior of the car, corroding the metal body. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep the car interior dry. If you spill water or anything inside the car, wipe the wet surface immediately with a dry towel.


Make sure to Clean the Drain Plugs






After you wash your car, make sure to check and clean the drain plugs to avoid them from getting clogged with debris and water. If they remain clogged, it will allow water to accumulate, leading to rust and corrosion. And that’s definitely something you don’t want. The drain plugs are located under the car doors and edges of the hood and trunk. Clean them to avoid the hassle.


Invest in Rustproofing your Vehicle



NH Oil Undercoating



Your vehicle is a big investment. Take measures like rustproofing to make sure your investment’s value stays intact for years to come, and it maintains top-notch performance.


Rustproofing is the best way to prevent rust from attacking your car or spreading if you can see hints of rust on your car already. Use NH Oil undercoating to experience the difference. Its unique formulation penetrates the good metal and pushes out oxygen and moisture, eliminating the risk of oxidation and corrosion. It also prevents electrolysis and creates an active molecular protective film, thus rustproofing your vehicle and providing it long-term protection. Not only does it rustproof your car, but it also improves its visual appearance.



For more information or to order NH Oil Undercoating, contact us today. We can help you find an NH Oil Undercoating dealer near you.