Why Drivers in New Hampshire Need to Invest in Rustproofing?


New Hampshire auto rust


If you live in New Hampshire and own a vehicle, then this post is a must-read for you. Compared to the US, rustproofing is a fairly new industry in New Hampshire. Thus, you might wonder that you haven’t been using our vehicle without rustproofing for years, so why now? Well, here are some facts that we have gathered for you to help you understand the top reasons why rustproofing is your best bet and should not be ignored. Take a look:


More Corrosive Roads


Indeed, there was no need for rustproofing back in the day, but it is necessary today because New Hampshire roads have become extremely corrosive. This is pretty much owed to the fact that new de-ice techniques are being used to keep the roads clear during winters. Rock salt and brine are the most prominent culprits on the road that, while useful in de-icing the roads, can damage and rust your car badly.


The Bonding Chemical Agents Are Hard to Remove


Truck in snowy NH conditions

The chemical bonding agents used to de-ice the roads can’t be washed away easily from vehicles’ undercarriage. Chemicals like magnesium chloride mixed with rock salt can wreak havoc. Even if you get your vehicle washed, the particles will not come off. Thus, the damage will continue as the rust spreads from the undercarriage to the other vehicle parts.



Rust Can Lower Your Vehicles Visual Appeal and Performance



Rust looks bad. But do you know that it can also lower the functionality of your vehicle? That’s right; rusted frames can snap into two. Moreover, it can damage the brake lines, putting you to risk of accidents and injuries, and damage the sub-frames holding the engine, increasing the engine’s chances of falling out.



Prevention is Cure


It’s said prevention is the cure, and we couldn’t agree more. Rustproofing in New Hampshire is one of the best and modern prevention techniques to keep your vehicle protected from rust and well-maintained.


Invest in NH Oil Undercoating® to rustproof your vehicle. Its formulation is designed to provide an added layer of protection against rust and corrosion while pushing out the moisture. As you continue to rustproof your vehicle, you can rest assured that your vehicle will not only look visually appealing but remain functional for years.


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