How to Remove Road Salt from your Vehicle

Car Wash

Cars being washed by their owners in a car wash


Just like every vehicle owner, you are also probably concerned about vehicle maintenance and performance. You also want to remove road salt to reduce corrosion.  Buying a vehicle is expensive, and thus, you most certainly want to make sure that your investment is safe and intact. This is why the majority of vehicle owners opt for a car wash. It is indeed a great way to keep your vehicle spotlessly clean and shiny. So, does that mean car wash is a better option than rustproofing?


Well, not really! In fact, it is like comparing apples with oranges. It is because the purpose of a car wash is to clean the vehicle. Mud and dirt can easily attach to the surface of the car as you drive.  They can cause damage to your paint and lower the luster of your ride. However,  when your vehicle gets washed, soap and water help brush the impurities away, improve its condition, and increase its overall longevity.


Moreover, as debris and dirt are removed from windows, mirrors, and tires, it gives you the confidence that your vehicle is clean and safe for the next trip. It is essential to note that car wash does not help with removing or keeping rust at bay. That’s right; it is often marketed as a rust prevention technique, but it is definitely not a reliable way to prevent it.


This is where rustproofing comes into the picture. Therefore, if you are looking to retain your vehicle’s luster while preventing rust from doing the damage, then your best option is rustproofing. Rustproofing is not an alternative to cash wash or an option that may skip. It is a proper procedure that every vehicle owner must include in their car maintenance routine.


Rustproofing with NH Oil Undercoating® can help you create an extra layer of protection, preventing rock salt and brine from passing in the seams and sticking to the undercarriage of your vehicle. The undercarriage of your vehicle is the most susceptible area for rust damage. NH Oil Undercoating penetrates deep inside the body of your vehicle to stop rust from spreading and keep your vehicle rustproof. Its unique formulation is self-healing and preventative at the same time. Rest assured, your car will continue to work at its optimal level for years. For maximum performance, it is advisable to invest in rustproofing every year.


Car Wash or Rustproofing—Which is Better?


All in all, rustproofing with NH Oil Undercoating® helps

  • Dramatically lower decay
  • Increase your vehicle’s life
  • Keep the visual appeal of your ride intact
  • Prevents rock salt from doing damage to your vehicle
  • The quickest least expensive way to add safety and value


For more information or to order NH Oil Undercoating®, contact us today. We can help you find an NH Oil Undercoating® dealer near you.




How to remove salt from your car?


We have all seen those signs in front of car washes that say, “Salt eats cars!” The implication, of course, is that using the car washes’ services will remove the salt and prevent our vehicles from being eaten. In recent posts, we have discussed why washing is not an effective rustproofing (or rust prevention) method. So where does that leave the car washes? Is washing your vehicle just a waste of money? No. Keeping your vehicle clean is a great idea, and it has many benefits. It’s just not a salteatscarsreliable way to prevent rust.  Although washing your undercarriage does help in rinsing salt and debris off of your vehicle it is not entirely effective.


The de-icing materials today like magnesium chloride are cheaper and eco-friendly. Unfortunately, they can form a mist that will cling to the undercarriage of a vehicle making it impossible to rinse them off. Washing your car is a little bit like washing your hands. We have heard for a long time that washing your hands before eating is a good way to prevent illness, but modern science tells us that it won’t do a thing to keep you from getting diabetes.


That’s obviously no reason to stop washing your hands, and the fact that washing is not a foolproof rustproofing method is no reason to stop washing your vehicle. We, humans, have a little hack we tend to use, to make it easier for us to think about things and communicate with each other. It’s called categorization. Our brains take all the information coming in about the world around us and put it in neat little mental boxes. Those boxes have nice, tidy labels on them, and we use these labels to communicate with each other. Two of these boxes might be labeled “rustproofed vehicle” and “non-rustproofed vehicle.” And if we’re not careful, we may make the mistake of thinking that a “rustproofed vehicle” is now magically incapable of rusting, no matter what. EPSON DSC pictureOf course, the real world is not like that.


 Do carwashes recycle their water?


Answer; yes most do


Are they able to filter out the sodium?


Answer; no!


Rustproofing with NHOU (the best rustproofing out there, according to independent studies), dramatically reduces decay, prolongs the life of the vehicle and cuts repair bills by a significant margin. It is important to remember to make Rustproofing another yearly maintenance item.

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