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NH BOSS Wax & Oil-based Rustproofing is a popular rust prevention method in Canada, and Americans are now starting to discover it, too. It’s recommended by the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), and it’s how the Canadian Army takes care of its vehicles. Here in New Hampshire, where we’re both geographically and culturally in between, more and more drivers are getting it. But it’s not for everyone. Some customers prefer a thicker, more permanent undercoating, and for them, there’s the BOSS wax and oil rustproofing option. The Rust Stop Pro, New Hampshire’s rustproofing provider, offers a wax/oil combination that is available to new vehicles only. NHOU BOSS Wax is a truly exceptional, environmentally friendly, water-based, long-term, semi-self-healing rust preventative. It can handle the toughest of applications reliably. It offers a combination of desirable characteristics, which is why Commercial Truck Rental uses it on their vehicles.


NHOU® Oil Undercoating® Rust Protection See the difference for yourself!


Rust Proofing has never been more important because of the introduction to salt brine on the roads. The use of brins is known as anti-icing or pre-wetting measures.

Brines have the same melting characteristics as solid rock salt, but since it is applied in liquid form, the salt can begin to work immediately. The brines are also more effective at lower temperatures.

You need to be proactive with corrosion because Anti-icing is currently recognized as a pro-active approach to winter driver safety by most transportation agencies. Pre-wetting [using salt brines] has been shown to increase both the performance of solid chemicals and abrasives, as well as their longevity on the roadway surface, thereby reducing the number of materials required,


Be Proactive with Rust Prevention


When NHOU BOSS  Wax-&-Oil  is fully cured, it presents a non-tacky, extremely durable, and almost “elegant” black coating that will stand up to the toughest of environmental conditions. After applying NH BOSS Wax-&-Oil, The Rust Stop Pro applies its own NH Oil Undercoating® formula to the inner cavities, seams, and moving components on the vehicle as part of its $99.00 24-month renewal and reapplication service. (Most dealers) This means your protection will be maintained with their latest, most effective formula – ensuring your vehicle looks its best with each passing year.


Ideally, when we buy new vehicles, we’d like to have them stay looking new year after year. And more importantly, we want them to stay as strong, safe, and maintenance-free as possible for as long as we own them. If it were just a matter of wanting good looks or a new-car feeling, that wouldn’t be very important. But wax undercoating and rustproofing gives us much more than that. Protecting your new vehicle with NHOU BOSS  Wax-&-Oil rustproofing, and maintaining it with the 24-month program helps your vehicle in three key areas:


NHOU® BOSS Wax™ & Oil-based Rustproofing


Undercoating Rustproofing Warranty

  • Increased safety: lower risk of components rusting out and causing accidents
  • Decreased maintenance cost: lower risk of components rusting out and needing replacement
  • Increased vehicle life: rustproofed vehicles have been proven to last significantly longer, especially if the rustproofing starts when they are new.


Taking care of your vehicle just makes sense. Preventive maintenance saves a lot of money over the life of a vehicle, and rustproofing is one of the most essential preventive maintenance measures we can take in New Hampshire. That’s because, unlike in many states in the South and West, New Hampshire vehicles are exposed to road salt. And road salt becomes more corrosive and harder to remove as time goes on because road deicing technology is improving all the time. Fortunately, rustproofing technology is advancing, too, but that won’t do you any good unless you take your vehicle in and actually get the rustproofing. The Rust Stop Pro‘s wax/oil treatment is a semi-permanent rust protection & maintenance program for vehicle owners who prefer not to go with an oil finish. Following the initial NHOU® BOSS wax & oil application, The Rust Stop Pro‘s biennial treatments include:


  • Reapplication of NHOU Oil Undercoating® in body cavities
  • Inspection and touch up of any areas void of  NHOU® BOSS Wax-N-Oil


To learn more, contact The Rust Stop Pros at 1-855-OIL-RUST. (603) 491-9012 
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