A Beginners Guide to Undercoating and the Best Oil for it?


Road Salt Rust


No matter what vehicle you may own, maintenance is crucial to ensure that your ride works smoothly and safely throughout the year. When it comes to vehicle maintenance, you can’t overlook the importance of and the need for undercoating, especially if you live in an area where temperatures drop low during winters and the roads are covered with snow and ice. Read on to develop a solid understanding of undercoating and the best oil available in the market for it.


Undercoating—What is it?


As the name suggests, undercoating is the sprayed application on the underside of the vehicle. This spray is engineered exclusively to provide a comprehensive protective and rustproof layer under the car. It keeps your vehicle’s underside well-protected from:

  • Rust and corrosion
  • Dirt, debris, and mud
  • Salt brine

Put simply; it ensures that nothing goes in the nook and crannies of the undercarriage of your vehicle, including wheel wells, frame, and floorboards.


The Best Oil for Undercoating

With numerous brands in the market to choose from, it can be hard to make your pick. The truth of the matter is there is a clear winner if only you know what to look for. Let us explain. Brands like 3M, Bar, Chain Oil, and Eastwood do work, but they don’t offer the best results. This is because most of them are rubberized versions of undercoating designed for clean and rust-free surfaces. The formula leaves the film dry, arid, brittle, and hard. Simply stated, they aren’t designed to displace moisture or for vehicles that have pre-existing rust.

If your vehicle has pre-existing rust, then the best oil for undercoating is NH Oil undercoating. Our patent formula provides oil-based rustproofing. It is engineered to penetrate through the pre-existing rust into the metal, displacing moisture while removing oxygen.

It is a unique formulation of green corrosion inhibitors and highly refined mineral oil for protection against corrosion on all types of metals. Our NH Oil undercoating:

  • Is eco-friendly as it contains zero toxins
  • Is non-flammable
  • Doesn’t swell gaskets or seals
  • Provides a barrier against salt, pollutants, and other nastiness the road coughs up

Here’s how it works

Once applied, the oil:


·       Smoothly Lubricates and Penetrates Deep Inside for Maximum Protection


The formulation lifts and removes contaminants, moisture, and dirt, removing some surface rust. It goes deep inside, pushing out oxygen and moisture, thereby stopping oxidation-corrosion.


·       Eliminates Electrolysis


Its non-conductive design drops voltage and stops electrolysis because the external circuit can’t be completed. It also prevents the greening of wires.


·       Provides Excellent Protective Film


NH Oil undercoating creates a bond with the metal at the molecular level. It forms a thin protective film to ensure long-term and maximum protection against environmental factors.


For more information about undercoating or to order NH Oil Undercoating, contact us today.

It’s the best way to keep your car’s underside protected.



Do you have pre-existing rust?




If so, then you should avoid wax, paint, and rubberized products. These products only trap moisture below the surface, allowing oxidation to continue. Oil-based rustproofing will penetrate through the rust down to the good metal, displace moisture while removing oxygen, and has long been a home remedy for rust formation. Take either moisture or oxygen out of the equation, and oxidation cannot occur. Use a petroleum-based product with rust inhibitors containing no solvents. In fact, the NH Oil Undercoating product is environmentally safe, contains no toxins, is non-flammable. Won’t swell the rubber pushing seals or gaskets found on your vehicle’s undercarriage. Will creep and migrate into the spot welds seams and folds of the body cavities.

Unlike paint or conventional undercoating, which cover and encapsulate rust, NHOU® oil penetrates through rust to the base metal. Our oil is self-healing, designed to displace moisture and remove oxygen. Even where rust is present, our oil undercoating will stop the oxidation and create a barrier to protect against the elements. Oil-based undercoating is key to protecting your car or truck and extend its life for many years.



Thinking about coating your vehicle with used motor oil? Consider this….



Used motor oil contains numerous toxic substances, including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are known to cause cancer. In addition, tiny pieces of metal from engine wear and tear, such as lead, zinc, and arsenic, make their way into lubricants, further contributing to the polluting potential of used motor oil. Motor oil is exposed to heat and oxygen during engine combustion, which changes its chemical makeup. Detergents and solvents are detrimental to the rubber bushings, gaskets, and seals on your vehicle’s undercarriage. Because spent motor oil is heavy and sticky, and contains an extensive concentrated cocktail of toxic compounds, it can build up and persist in the environment for years. Not to mention the drip, drip, drip….



Creeps and Self Healing


NH Oil Undercoating® is designed to creep deep into cracks, crevices, spot welds, seams, folds and provide protection there as these areas up prone to hold moisture and are unprotected. So even if the initial application cannot reach one of these areas, this creeping process makes sure the maximum protection is provided!


Oil Undercoating creeping

Can we improve the appearance if there’s existing rust?


Yes. NH oil undercoating® Back N Black not only protects but improves the appearance of any metal surface!



The cost for NH Oil Undercoating is a small price to pay to safely and effectively protect what is for most people they’re second most expensive investment…. Remember an above-average product is worthless if you receive a below-average application. Fine factory-trained dealers here https://nhoilundercoating.com/