Protects Your Vehicle Against Rust !   NH OIL UNDERCOATING   Located in Deering, NH  Call us at (603) 491-9012 and schedule your appointment today! Rust  happens when iron compounds are exposed to oxygen and water for long periods of time. There is a chemical reaction that takes place which causes the color and deteriorates the metal. You can prevent or cease rust against the damaging effects of road salts and water by undercoating your vehicles  undercarriage with Fluid Film anually. If your undercarriage is unprotected it won’t take long for the damage to be seen. Once up on our lift our customers are surprised to see just how extensive the damage can be. “Rust corrosion in the U.S. cost Americans a staggering $29.7 billion a year.” according to NACE International. Rust damage on undercarriage     Rust damage on undercarriage    Rust damage on vehicles undercarriage  rust damage on cars undercarriage

Annual cost of corrosion in the transportation category.

Motor Vehicles: 79% ($23.4 billion)

Ships: 9% ($2.7 billion)

Aircraft 7% ($2.2 billion)

HAZMAT Transport: 3% ($0.9 billion)

Railroad Cars: 2% ($0.5 billion)

At NH Oil Undercoating we cover (all) of the exposed areas of your undercarriage with Fluid Film. Frames bumper to bumper inside and out, brake lines transmission lines, over the double wall wheel wells, the seams of all doors, rocker panels, door panels, tailgate and hood. Battery terminals, and any metal areas around the engine compartment that you would like us to cover. Fluid Film is an amazing and natural (lanolin based) product that does not drip and will last to protect your vehicles undercarriage for up to a full year. It takes less than an hour to have done with cars starting at $99 and up according to size. If your vehicle already has existing rust Fluid Film will stop it from spreading by sealing off the oxygen.  If your rust damage is extensive ask us about our Rust conversion, Scraping & Fluid Film application.