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By definition, a ceramic coating is an auto detailing product used to protect the interior and exterior surfaces from common blemish-causing materials. Primarily composed of silica and titanium dioxide, these two substances form a covalent bond that is hydrophobic in nature and forms a nano-ceramic shield above the vehicle’s clear coat.

NHOU® Patented Nano-Ceramic Technology Paint Coating will make your paint have an incredible lustrous finish that makes any color sparkle & shine while protecting it with a very durable hydrophobic sacrificial barrier that is much stronger than  Wax or Paint Sealant – Further reducing the chances of accidentally creating scratches or swirl marks when washing and drying a vehicle. It provides long-lasting protection for as many as 3 – 7 years, yet it can still be removed with a machine polisher if paint correction is necessary.

NHOU® If it’s worth owning, it’s worth protecting!

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