Preparation-Salt and Road-Brine Eliminator

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Salt and Road-Brine Eliminator



Developed & manufactured under stringent controls to consistent, exacting standards and formulated specifically to be used before and in conjunction with  NHOU® Protective Coatings

⦁ Thick foaming action
⦁ Designed for heavy-duty application
⦁ High concentration NHOU® Salt-Brine Eliminator contains actives that dissolve, release and remove brine and salt crystals from any surface
⦁ Effectively removes harmful magnesium/calcium/sodium chloride salts and soils without the need for a brush.
⦁ No caustics, phosphates or petroleum solvents

Rainwater, soap and freshwater undercarriage washings may remove a small amount of the corrosive products if any and will more likely wash the corrosive products into cracks and crevices where it can accumulate and add to increased damage.

Unlike conventional salt dissolvers and removers, NHOU® Salt-Brine Eliminator has been specifically engineered to address sticky additives found in deicing solutions. This is necessary to release and remove salt embedded on the undercarriage including the hard-to-reach cracks and crevices. 

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    NHOU® Salt-Brine Eliminator