NHOU® Rustoration® Rust Converter & Prep



16oz Spray Bottle

Sprayed on metal to convert rust into a white, etched zinc phosphate. In only 30 minutes, the surface is ready for NHOU® Oil Undercoating. The converted metal provides superior oil adhesion and penetration, sealing out
oxygen, forcing out water and preventing rust

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NHOU® Rustoration® Rust Converter & Prep

16oz Spray Bottle

1. Prepare the surface by removing loose rust and paint flakes with
a wire brush or sanding. Grind or sandblast if necessary.
2. Use a water-based cleaner to remove grease, oil, and dirt from
the surface.
3. Spray directly from the bottle, pour into a non-metallic
container or apply with a conventional spray gun at 40-45 psi.
Do not return any unused material back into the bottle.
4. After application, the surface will take on a white, ash-like
appearance within 20 minutes. If any areas are not grey
after 20-30 minutes, reapply to the dry surface and wait an
additional 20-30 minutes.
5. After the rust is converted, wipe the surface with a clean water-damp
ened cloth or light abrasive scuff pad to remove the white,
chalky residue. Allow the surface to dry completely before applying
NHOU® Undercoating at 70°F.
6. Surface must be coated with a sealant (undercoating, paint,
or sealing primer) within 4-8 hours.
NOTE: Galvanized steel must be sanded with medium or fine-grit sandpaper before application. If a spray gun is used, clean
the applicator equipment with water

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