Complete Airless System for Drums


Complete airless system for drums.

Airless action for best performance with undercarriages, wheelwells etc.
Quick Change nozzle & wand system.

(Air regulator not included) 

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Complete airless system for drums. (Air regulator not included) 

Airless action for best performance with undercarriages, wheel wells etc.
Quick-Change carbide zip tip nozzle, in-line filter, and body cavity wand & pump.

The RP-1115 series is a family of heavy-duty pumps designed for use with rustproofing and undercoating products. These pumps are an air-powered double-acting piston design for excellent performance and long service life.

(HP flexible body cavity spray wand) and (the in-line filter Lemmer HP Fluid Filter Output RP-1115 / 150 Mesh  L090-070)

HP Flexible body cavity wand

Three lengths are available for direct fit in 45 gallons (205 liters) drum, 60-liter keg, or 20-liter pail. The 20-liter version is also equipped with a ¾ NPT inlet thread for use with a remote suction hose in a wall-mounted system. All versions feature a 15:1 ratio with a maximum air input pressure of 130 psi, the maximum fluid output pressure of 1950 psi, and a maximum suggested tip size of 0.021″ – 0.023″ depending on material viscosity.